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Adventuring in the Bronco Sport

While many people are captivated by the re-release of Ford’s Bronco, the Bronco Sport offers similar capabilities but with specialties of its own. If you are looking for an adventure vehicle that is still reasonably priced, the Bronco Sport is the way to go.

At Mohawk Ford, our team is here to help you get out exploring. If you are interested in the Bronco Sport, we can guide you through picking a model, adding on features, and more.

Bronco Sport Models

There are four different trim models available for the Bronco Sport. Each model comes standard with different seat coverings and features. While all the models are up for any adventure, you may find that one model can keep up with you better than the rest.

  • Bronco Sport Base

Although each model has something unique to offer, all four models come standard with:

  • Seating for five (including driver)
  • H.O.S.S (Higher Performance, Off-Road, Stability, Suspension System)
  • 4×4 System
  • G.O.A.T. Modes (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain)

The Bronco Sport comes standard with an 8-speed automatic transmission. There are two engines available:

  • 1.5L EcoBoost

Bronco Sport Style

Both the exterior and interior of the Bronco Sport across all models have a clean, modern look. With no frills or unnecessary finishes, this vehicle is meant to handle the rough and tough.

While the overall shape of the Bronco Sport resembles the 2021 Bronco, it is not a direct copycat. What really makes the Bronco Sport stand out are:

  • Peaked Front Fenders
  • Flat Bodyside
  • Contrasting Colour Roof (Outer Banks and Badlands only)
  • One-Piece Grille and Round Headlamps Bisected by a Bar Showing the Bronco Name

The interior of the Bronco Sport is unlike any other SUV. It seats five with best-in-class 1st and 2nd-row headroom thanks to the extended safari-style roof.

The extra vertical space makes the ride much more comfortable for taller people, and also provides more room for storing equipment. There is enough clearance to store two bikes upright inside.

To maximize your journey into the wild, you can opt for a power moonroof. During the day, the moonroof lets light stream in, and during the night, you can lean the front seats back to enjoy the stars without getting too cold.

Each model comes with a distinct interior fabric and standard features:

  • Base Model

Each model also has its own interior upgrade package you can select to get even more tech, comfort, convenience, and style.

If you enjoy cranking up the music both on and off the road, there is a 10-speaker and subwoofer sound system from Bang & Olufsen. It comes with the Badlands Package, but is also available on other models.

Adventure Features

The Bronco Sport offers a variety of standard and available features that let you focus on the adventure and not worry about hauling the gear you need. The available Cargo Management System provides dividers and shelves for the cargo area so that you can keep things organized.

Once you are done for the day and back at camp, the system unfolds to form a camp table.

Underneath the rear seats of the Badlands model are secret storage compartments that are perfect for storing snacks, shoes, and other small items. When you roll into camp after dark, the standard rear floodlights make setting up much easier.

While in motion, the Bronco Sport is able to carry up to 150 lbs. of weight on its roof. Once you arrive and park, that weight load increases to 600 lbs., making it the perfect place to pitch a tent.

Get Your Bronco Sport

The Bronco Sport is ideal for any type of adventure. You can customize it to perfectly match your style, or you can select from one of the four adventure packages which are set up specifically for biking, camping, snow sports, or water sports.

No matter what adventure you want a Bronco Sport for, Mohawk Ford is here to get you in one. Contact us today to discuss what you need from your Bronco Sport.

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