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Choosing the Right Car For Your Work Commute

What’s your biggest car-related need? For most drivers, it’s finding the best car for their work commute.

Does that sound familiar to you? In that case, Mohawk Ford Sales of Hamilton, ON, can help you find the right vehicle. If you have questions about finding the right car for work, feel free to reach out to our team.

In the meantime, take a look at this list of car shopping tips. These will help you find the best car for your commute.

Toughness for the Road

When you drive to work daily, your car’s mileage adds up fast. That means that your car may experience a lot of wear and tear. Look for a car that can handle that wear and tear.

Having a tough, reliable car means lowering your cost of ownership. You’ll still need regular maintenance, of course, and we’d love to help you with maintenance here at Mohawk Ford Sales.

That said, some models experience fewer problems than others. Look for those models when you buy your next car.

Consider the Terrain

Picture your drive to work. What are the road conditions like? Do you take a lot of city roads with stop-and-go traffic? Is there any uphill terrain that might require four-wheel drive?

When you shop for your next car, match the car to the terrain.

Thankfully, Ford vehicles are adaptable. They’re built to handle all sorts of roads and conditions.

However, some Fords excel in specific terrains. If you drive in the snow before the roads are cleared, the Ford Explorer or Ford F150 will give you the power you need to reach work safely. If you want a smaller car for narrower streets, then a Ford Fusion could fit the bill.

You’ll Need Good Fuel Mileage

If you commute to work daily, you’ll need excellent fuel mileage. A work commute can take a toll on your wallet if you can’t save money on gasoline. When you look at new cars, look for fuel efficiency.

Some drivers go for hybrid models so they can minimize their time at the fuel pump. Others look for fuel-efficient engines so that they can get the most from every drop of fuel.

In any case, Mohawk Ford sales has plenty of options here in Hamilton.

Safety Features Matter

The more time you spend in a car, the more you need top-quality safety features. If there’s one area where you should never compromise, it’s safety.

With Ford, you don’t have to compromise. Ford offers options like lane-keeping assistance, automatic braking, and more safety-enhancing features to keep you confident every time you drive to work.

Don’t Forget Comfort

When you spend a lot of time in the car, comfort matters, too. You deserve to enjoy the ride.

Don’t be afraid to test-drive more than one car. Sometimes, the decision comes down to which car you find the most comfortable. How smooth is the ride? How do the seats feel? Do you have enough space?

Some people think of these questions as afterthoughts, but a comfortable car ride can impact your mood at work. Don’t let these questions go by the wayside.

Keep Yourself Entertained

Entertainment can also make a world of difference in your commute. Traffic doesn’t have to make the drive miserable. When you have music, podcasts, and audiobooks to keep yourself company, you can turn a boring commute into a pleasant one.

This means that your car should support entertainment options. At Mohawk Ford Sales, many models support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Consider these models if you’re tired of boredom on the road.

Do You Need a Lot of Storage Space?

What do you bring with you to work? Just a briefcase or backpack? Or does your job demand a lot of supplies?

If it’s the latter, you should put plenty of thought into your new car’s storage space. Of course, this question goes beyond the commute to work. If you drive your kids to school or take a lot of road trips, you’ll want to consider those storage needs, too.

Not quite sure how much storage space you need? If you’re torn between two options, you might err on the side of caution. Remember that it’s better to have too much storage space than not enough.

If you’re still struggling, you can always ask a Mohawk Ford team member for advice. We’d love to help you figure out your storage space needs.

Find Your Next Vehicle at Mohawk Ford

At Mohawk Ford of Hamilton, ON, we help clients find the perfect car match every day. Whether you know which car you want or you’re still deciding, our team would love to help.

Contact us now to ask questions or schedule your test drive. Let’s make your next work commute the best one yet.

Choosing the Right Car For Your Work Commute