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Finding the Right Truck To Fit Your Needs

Thinking about buying a truck? If you aren’t in the know, you might think that pickup trucks are one-size-fits-all. For those with a little more “truck knowledge,” however, buying a new truck isn’t quite so simple. Here at Mohawk Ford Sales, many of our customers are looking to buy a truck for the first time.

Whether you want to buy your first truck or you have owned trucks in the past, there are several things to consider before buying your next one. Trucks are durable, versatile vehicles, and they have a lot of varying factors.

What Size Do You Need?

Mohawk Ford Sales has pickup trucks of different sizes. Often, people are surprised at just how much size variety one can get in a pickup truck because they serve different needs.

Not sure exactly what size you will need? Then keep in mind the factors that we’ve listed here. These can help you get started on making a decision.

How Many Seats?

First, start by considering your seating needs. Pickup trucks usually either come with two seats or four seats. Occasionally, you can find a truck that has five, including a middle seat in the back. However, two-seat trucks and four-seat trucks are more standard.

This part of the sizing process is the most simple. Just ask yourself how many passengers will ride in your truck. As long as you have one seat for each passenger, then you’ve taken care of your seating needs.

Two Doors or Four Doors?

Next, ask yourself whether you need a two-door truck or a four-door truck. Why does this matter? If a two-door truck will serve your needs, then it may not matter much. However, four-door trucks do tend to be larger than two-door trucks, and more convenient to use.

If you’ll often have passengers in the backseat of your truck, then having a four-door truck may be the best choice for the comfort of your passengers. Drivers with families, especially those with young children, tend to choose four-door vehicles to make entering and exiting the car easier for the children.

Bed Size

Next, consider bed size. How much bed size you will need depends on what you plan to load in the back of your truck.

You want to look at both the volume the truck can carry, as well as the length of the bed. If you are hauling 10-foot pieces of lumber or bags of mulch, a bigger bed will serve you well. If occasionally you are moving some items or just using the bed to throw some bikes in the back before hitting the trails, a smaller bed might work.

Remember Your Parking Space

At Mohawk Ford Sales in Hamilton , we like to remind drivers to keep their parking situations in mind while buying a new car. More than one truck driver has forgotten about their parking arrangement before purchasing a large truck. Try to avoid being one of those drivers.

For a lot of people, this is an afterthought. However, keep in mind that if you drive your truck every day, then it stands to reason that you will have to park that truck every day. How big is your garage? Make sure that you will have enough space to park your truck.

Power and Durability

Once you figure out your truck sizing needs, you can look at power and durability. People don’t always realize that trucks come in various durability levels.

How much durability do you need? Some people think that the more durability, the better, no matter the situation. However, you don’t want to risk paying for a lot of durability that you simply don’t need.

To get the most efficiency from your fuel, be realistic about what you really need from your truck. Will you tow anything? Will you carry heavy objects? What kind of terrain will you be driving on?

Aesthetic Choices

Once you figure out your sizing, power, and durability needs for your new truck, your next decisions boil down to aesthetics. For example, how sporty or rugged do you want your car to look? What color would you prefer? The Mohawk Ford Sales dealership has plenty of looks and colors to choose from. Try taking a look at our online inventory and comparing some trucks side by side.

Mohawk Ford Sales of Hamilton, ON

Are you ready to start looking for your next truck? The Mohawk Ford Sales team would love to help you find the truck that you need. Still figuring out how to match your needs to your perfect truck? We can help. Talk to us about your truck needs, and we’ll help you find the truck that fits those needs best.

Finding the Right Truck To Fit Your Needs