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It’s Your Time! The 2021 Ford Mustang Is Calling

Summer is almost here. Like our friends and neighbors in Hamilton, our team at Mohawk Ford looks forward to summer days full of warm sunshine and evenings full of starlit skies. Nothing says summer quite like revving your engine and heading out on the open road.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that gets your motor running and inspires summer adventure, the Ford Mustang is calling! With capability, fun features, and safety innovations that make it easy to push the limits, you’ll love this car.


The Ford Mustang provides responsive performance with independent steering, and selectable power-assist settings offer the type of steering you need for everyday situations. Choose from:

  • Comfort. Provides the least amount of steering effort. Perfect for day-to-day driving.
  • Normal. A perfect in-between of Comfort and Sport. You’ll still have some steering ease, but for this level, you’ll need to engage.
  • Sport. Maximize your setting with Sport. Requires the most steering effort but produces an immediate connection with the road.

A toggle switch on the center stack gives you the control to adjust your handling and responsiveness, meeting road conditions and any situation Mother Nature can throw your way. Choose from Normal, Slippery, Sport, Track, and Drag Strip.

Be a smooth operator! The MagneRide Damping System is a driver’s favorite because it’s so adaptive and responsive to your driving style. Using magnetically controlled dampers, or shock absorbers, we produce a smooth, intuitive-feeling drive.

Make a little noise and let off some steam with a class-exclusive active valve performance exhaust. Control your levels, but let loose when you can! Select Sport to let loose on Friday afternoons. Use Quiet Start when you’re leaving home early in the morning. This feature brings pure joy – and fun!

Got the need – the need for speed?? Satisfy that longing by going a quarter-mile in 11 seconds. Choose the engine that works best for what you need. Move. Go. Get there.


When you settle into the cockpit, you’ll feel a connection with the Mustang. Comfortable heated and cooled seats, an accent-stitched console, and a heated steering wheel provide luxury amenities and top-quality comforts.

No matter where you go and how fast you get there, you need to stay connected. SYNC 3 makes smartphone connectivity a breeze. Access your contacts, playlists, and navigation systems with a touch of a button.

Ford is proud to partner with Waze to provide one of the most useful navigational tools available. Get up-to-the-minute traffic information, detour information, and accident reports as they happen so you can reach your destination in a hurry. This crowd-sourced app is already a favorite addition to the useful features drivers can access.

Performance is a big deal. Mustang provides seven performance packages from which to choose. Bring your dreams of speed and adrenaline rush to reality. Talk through all your options with one of our sales team members to ensure you’re matched with the Mustang that suits you best.

Want to know your performance statistics? TrackApps add to your driving experience by displaying the performance metrics you need to know on the instrument panel.


Your safety is our priority. With the innovative driver-assist technologies we make available across most Ford models, you’ll feel as though you have an extra set of eyes helping keep watch over your best safety interests while you’re driving. It’s almost “The Jetsons” – but not quite.

Be sure to ask our sales team members which of these features are standard on the Mustang model in which you’re most interested. Safety features include:

  • Blind Spot Information. When traffic enters your blind spot, we alert you with a light in your corresponding side-view mirror. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road ahead. It’s simple but so smart.
  • Lane-Keeping System. Once you activate this system, our sensors monitor your detectable lane of traffic. Should you veer from your lane, we gently remind you to refocus on the road ahead. If you’re unable to maneuver your vehicle to the center of your lane, we do it for you.
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. Traffic has a bad habit of coming to a sudden stop when you least expect it. Our sensors and cameras never stop scanning the road ahead, so that should traffic slow, we can alert you to brake quickly. If you’re not alerted in enough time to slow down, we will activate Emergency Braking Systems for you.

These are just a few of the many ways Ford keeps you safe. Be sure you ask a sales team member to walk you through all your options. Getting you where you want to go and back again safely is our priority – every time.

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Our team at Mohawk Ford works hard to provide our friends and neighbors in Hamilton with only the best quality vehicles and service. We are proud to serve you.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, a speed-high, or a thrill, the Mustang ticks all the boxes. Visit us on Upper James Street and try it out for yourself.

The 2021 Ford Mustang