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Making It Count: The Ford Mustang Mach-E

Lately, it seems that our team at Mohawk Ford has had lots of conversations with our friends and neighbors in Hamilton about the kinds of cars and trucks that matter most. Time and again, our customers are asking about hybrid or electric vehicles.

We are pleased that The Ford Company is making real headway in vehicles powered by alternative fuels. What we make matters. What you drive could change the world. That’s not an understatement.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E isn’t just a pretty face; it’s also delivering a zero-emissions experience without sacrificing power or beauty in the process. With unique design qualities, fun features, and safety innovations you’ve come to expect with Ford, the Mach-E is going places!


Choose from eight models and select the paint, wheels, and seating options that speak most to your personality. Each Mach-E model has in common a striking, eye-catching, modern exterior that is guaranteed to turn heads, no matter where you go.

Inside the Mach-E, you’ll find master craftsmanship, premium materials, and uncompromising upgrades. Ask your sales team member about our Black Onyx ActiveX Seating Material, which is comfortable and easy to clean.

All that beauty and sophistication is great, but you’ll be pumped to learn that Mustang still thrills with the capability of 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds. Get going!

A convenient front trunk gives you plenty of room to pack for adventure. This added storage space is water-resistant, washable, and features a drain so that your versatility knows no bounds. Throw muddy hiking boots inside, or fill with ice and beverages for the tailgating party.


You would expect the Mach-E to look like something from the future – and you won’t be disappointed. Futuristic amenities like E-Latch add to the allure! When your Mustang recognizes your approach, it will present an illuminated button – and with one touch, you can open your Mach-E. It locks itself when you leave, too.

Stay connected on your journey. FordPass Connect gives you the capability to turn your Mach-E into a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot that can power up to ten devices at one time up to 50 feet outside the vehicle. Passengers can stream, download, and share while they travel.

You’ll get all the speed you’d expect from a Mustang, but we know you want all the handling, too. Available eAWD (electric all-wheel drive) delivers exceptional performance and handling. Front and rear motors distribute power to each axle, providing the acceleration you need when taking on snowy (or sandy) roads.

Test your limits! With an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles on the Mustang Mach-E Premium, an extended-range battery, and access to the largest public charging network, sea-to-sea is at your fingertips. Map your trip and find easy-to-use chargers along the way.

Stay connected no matter where you travel. Our standard SYNC 4A provides a user-friendly, intelligent, and adaptive experience for all. Enjoy smartphone connectivity to keep you connected with your contacts, playlists, and podcasts.


Ford’s Co-Pilot360 Technology keeps you safe and builds confidence behind the wheel. The Mach-E is full of systems that help keep an “eye” out while you’re driving. Ask your sales team member about standard safety features for your vehicle! Features include:

  • Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert. When seconds count, this system is paying attention. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, it alerts you. Keep your eyes on the road ahead!

Cross-Traffic Alert. When you’re in reverse, our systems monitor traffic coming from either side of your back bumper. This feature keeps you from reversing and stopping and lurching out of parking lots.

  • Lane-Keeping System. If you drift in and out of your detected lane without using your turn indicator, this system alerts you to refocus and realign. If our system detects you are drifting multiple times without using your turn indicator, it reminds you to take a caffeine break.
  • Auto High Beams. You can count on having the light you need to see down dark country roads with this feature. You can also rest assured that you’ll never blind oncoming traffic again.

Ford keeps you and your passengers safe. Be sure to talk with your sales team member about the safety features available within the model in which you’re most interested.

About Us

Our team at Mohawk Ford is excited to share the future with you! We’re all impressed with the way the Mach-E looks and feels. It’s not quite The Jetsons, but it’s close.

We know you rely on us for only the best vehicles and services. We work hard every day to exceed your expectations. Come visit us on Upper James Street and let’s talk through all your options together.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that will impress, turn heads, and has the potential to change the world – you’ve come to the right place.

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