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Why Ford MyKey Is So Amazing

Advances in technology now make driving a vehicle safer and more fun. If you have teen drivers using your vehicle, MyKey is a way to teach them how to be a responsible driver even when you’re not with them. With both automatic and customizable settings, you can provide guidance to your teen at all times.

Letting a teen take your vehicle out on their own is nerve-wracking. You have taught them what you know and can only hope they make safe choices. Here at Mohawk Ford, we can help alleviate some of that stress by getting you into a car with MyKey.

Whether you are buying a new family car, such as the Ford EcoSport, or looking at the Ford Fusion for your teen’s 16th birthday, MyKey can be set up with ease. Talk to the Mohawk Ford team about how to enable it in the vehicle you choose.

MyKey Overview

MyKey is a feature that lets you customize your vehicle’s safety settings. All but one of your vehicle’s keys – the admin key – are assigned the same settings. These settings are ideal for helping new teenage drivers learn best practices.

If both an admin key and a MyKey with settings are detected in the same vehicle, the vehicle will default to the admin mode.

MyKey Default Settings

Once you have activated a MyKey, there are several settings that cannot be changed on it. These settings are:

  • Belt-Minder: When the vehicle is turned on, a reminder to put on your safety belt will appear. If there is a passenger in the front seat, the sound system will mute itself anytime their safety belt is not fastened.
  • Earlier Low Fuel or Low Charge Warning: MyKey will alert the driver to low fuel or a low charge sooner than for an admin key. This early warning gives the driver extra time to locate a gas station or power supply.
  • Driver Assist Features: The driver assist features that come with your vehicle will be turned on and cannot be disabled. Your vehicle may come with driver assist features such as Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert and Park Aid.
  • Screened Radio Content: For vehicles with satellite radio, restrictions will be placed on adult content.

MyKey Customizable Settings

Using the admin key, you can set limits for the MyKey. The admin key can be used to change those limits as needed. Settings that can be customized include:

  • Top Speed Settings: A maximum speed limit can be set from four options:

When the driver using MyKey reaches that limit, a visual and audible warning will occur. Even by stepping on the accelerator or using cruise control, the driver cannot exceed the set speed limit.

When setting the maximum speed limit, be sure to set it high enough that the driver using MyKey can keep up with traffic safely.

  • Volume Limit: The sound system’s volume can be set to a max of 45% of the total volume. If the driver tries to turn the volume up, a message will be displayed.
  • Always On Settings: If your vehicle has traction control, emergency assist, or the Do Not Disturb feature, you can opt to have them permanently on. The driver using MyKey will not be able to deactivate them.

Checking In on MyKey

With the admin key, you can view MyKey activity by using the information display controls on the steering wheel. The information you can check includes:

  • MyKey Dist.: The display will show the accumulated distance driven with all MyKeys. An admin key can be used to reset the distance.
  • MyKeys: This option will display how many MyKeys are currently programmed to your vehicle.
  • Admin Keys: This option will display how many unrecruited keys are currently programmed to your vehicle.

Teens can be wily and don’t always appreciate being regulated. If you notice that the MyKey accumulated distance or key count isn’t what is expected, there is a chance that your teen got their hands on an admin key. Be sure to talk to your teen about the importance of using MyKey properly.

You can use the audio system volume limit or max speed settings as an incentive for good driving habits. If your teen can prove they are driving responsibly, you can lighten up the limits placed on them.

Safety First

MyKey and drive assist features are not meant to replace safe driving habits, but to foster them. All drivers, whether using admin or MyKeys, need to be alert and drive defensively. Drive assist and MyKey will step in to help out if needed.

Go online or stop in today to let the Mohawk Ford family help your family drive more safely.